The Utility Tip

Uniquely engineered, soft enough to be used on skin, diverse enough to actually get jobs done.

The U-Tip has been engineered so well that we still haven't seen the limits of it's applications. The U-Tip is tough enough to get jobs done from cleaning and utility services but delicate enough for uses like personal and pet care.

The innovative ‘utility’ end, is designed with flanges that increase the usability and usefulness of the traditional cotton swab. The most obvious use for the new U-tip is that it can actually remove earwax by using a twisting and pulling method when cleaning your ear! Best used after a shower or bath.

Beyond its original intent, the U-tip is as versatile as the traditional cotton swab and can be used in crafts, electronics, mechanics, personal care, first aid, pet care or anywhere else where the tougher ridges would come in handy. Questions & Comments

DIRECTIONS: Use for cleaning only the ENTRANCE to the ear canal and the outer ear! If used to remove ear wax, only use on the visible surfaces of the ear. Place U-tip gently down on the surface of the ear and apply a gentle ,soft pressure. To avoid ear penetrations use a circular twisting method around the surface of the ear. To improve results, use when ear wax is wet. Use only in a safe, non-mov-ing environment with sufficient space to avoid bumping into anything or anyone. Use only as directed.
DISCLAIMER: If used to clean ears, stroke swab gently around the outer surface of the ear only, without entering the ear canal. WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. UTILITYTIP.COM LLC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR INJURIES arising out of or connected with the misuse of our products. DO NOT place U-tip in the ear canal. Entering the ear canal CAN CAUSE INJURY. U-Tips, are for cleaning the entrance to the ear canal and the outer ear folds and surfaces. If pain or discomfort result from use, please immediately stop use and see your physician. Directions and warnings must be observed. Keep out of reach of children.