Holiday Gift Guide

“WHAT!? What’s that you say!?”

Oh, the feeling of when you have to repeat yourself to someone who hasn’t cleaned out their ears in ages, or worse, used a cotton swab to do so. But you know better than that cause you use the UtilityTip ear-cleaning system. Make repeating yourself to others a thing of the past, and give them the gift of clean ears with UtilityTip’s doctor-recommended ear-cleaning system.

Utility Tip has even more to offer than their tools and solutions for healthy ears. Check out these other products that are sure to spread holiday cheer.  

Full Bundle: 10 Extra-Soft UTips + 2 Bottles of Ear-Cleaning Solution

Share the gift of clean ears, and give your loved ones the satisfying UtilityTip system. When first starting out, purchasing the Full Bundle is best. The hydrogen peroxide-based ear-cleansing spray is easily sprayed into the ear canal. Then, the UTip tool effectively removes the earwax. The best part is that each UtilityTip can be cleaned and reused again for up to six months. The Extra-Soft UTips make a great gift or stocking stuffer for children or those with sensitive ears.

Bluetooth Sport Earbuds W/ Portable Charging Case

The search for wireless earbuds is OVER! These wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds emit a clear sound and are the perfect gift for chatterboxes who love talking on the phone. Easily answer calls by pressing the left earphone two times. For the marathon runner in your life, these earbuds are great to use when working out as they effectively absorb the impact of running. The Bluetooth Sport Earbuds come with a portable charging dock that only takes 30-minutes to fully charge.

Comfortable Sleeping Mask

Getting six to eight hours of sleep is what doctors recommend. But not everyone can fall asleep the minute their head hits the pillow. Some need extra gear to get their sleep on! This sleeping mask is thoughtfully designed to prevent any light from entering around the eyes or nose without putting any pressure on the eyelids. The two layers of rebound memory foam and elastic polyester maximize comfort. Unlike other sleeping masks, the headband is easily adjustable and is extremely soft. This comfortable sleeping mask is what the insomniac in your life needs!

Hearing Aid - Sound & Voice Amplifier

For those that have clean ears but need that extra oomph to hear, our hearing aid system is exactly what they need so they can listen and communicate better. The UtilityTip Hearing Aid fits comfortably behind the ear and comes with a convenient accessory box to take on-the-go. Allow your hard-of-hearing friend or family member more options to participate in daily activities with this hearing aid.

UtilityTip has something for everyone this holiday season. One of the best things you can do is show how much you care about a person’s well-being. Do so with the UtilityTip ear-cleaning system and these other fine products.

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