Ear Anatomy: More Tips For Effective Ear Wax Removal

While your child's ear wax is no pleasant to look at, it's harmless and good for their ears. It is important to maintain good ear health by having the proper amount of ear wax.  

We all know that ears are for hearing sounds, but did you also know that the very inner part of your ear is responsible for maintaining balance? In fact, top athletes maintain healthy ears as part of their routine to have peak performance. 

Before we dive in to how to properly care for your child's ears, it will help you to know the ears construction. Ears are divided into 3 main sections. 

  1. The Outer Ear - External part or "pinna" which is visible. Includes outer canal responsable for directing sound to middle ear.
  2. The Middle Ear - Includes the ear drum that creates vibrations to the inner ear
  3. The Inner Ear - Responsible for converting vibrations from middle ear through nerves to brain which allow us to hear sound. Regulates balance
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Cerumen, more commonly known as ear wax is produced in the ear canal. In addition to capturing foreign debris, ear wax naturally contains enzymes that help prevent bacteria and fungus growth. It also creates a barrier to protect the canal from water.

So, if ear wax is necessary then why remove it?

Having too much earwax, or wax that is too dry or too sticky, can create a buildup. Much of that is genetically determined.

A child’s ear that gets left unclean can have high implications. Earwax that gets left behind or pushed further into the ear can cause your child to have discomfort, trouble sleeping, coughing, teeth grinding, and in more severe cases, hearing impairments.

Most common ear wax build up issues are mainly due to genetics and amplifying existing conditions by using the wrong tools such as cotton swabs. Poking cotton swabs, bobby pins, other strange devices are highly discouraged. This reinforces the importance of using the right tool for the job. Using The UtilityTip Ear Cleaning System is the most effective way for ear wax removal. 

Helpful tips for cleaning your child's ears at home. 

  • Get out your UtilityTip Ear Cleaning System
  • Tilt head and fill ear canal with 3-4 sprays from our easy precision delivery U-Tip Solution.
  • Allow U-Tip Solution to sit, fizzle, bubble, and work magic for 30 seconds to loosen and extract wax from the Inner Ear.
  • Grab a napkin tissue and drain fluid from ear.
  • Grab U-Tip by the 3 finger grips or "depth gauge" and remove unwanted ear wax from Outer Ear. ONLY REMOVE VISIBLE EAR WAX.

Other Helpful Tips:

Unfortunately kids put things in their ears like beads, beans, little toys, play dough and more. Never put anything in your childs ear to retrieve it. foreign body material should only be attempted by a professional, such as a pediatrician or an ear, nose, and throat specialist. 

Teenagers to clean behind their ears using soap and warm water or using the U-Tip Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solution.

Take your child to a specialist if problems persist or if you child is having trouble hearing.

Do not use cotton swabs (q tips) for ear cleaning. If you do then your child will to and it's important to break that cycle.

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