Utility Tip Testimonials

Utility Tip Testimonials

What our customers are saying.

Bought these U-Tips a few days ago and was shipped out fairly quickly! Honestly it’s an incredible product. I never knew how much ear wax I had until I used this and it washes off very well. Will highly recommend this to my family and friends. Thank you!

MayraLos Angeles, CA

In my family, excellent ear hygiene has been the only remedy to blockages that have resulted in regular infections. Although other ear-hygiene brands have helped to clear these blockages, their poor designs actually caused more wax buildup. The unique and innovative design of the Utility Tip has resolved this issue and surpassed all of my expectations.  I love the flexible design that allows easy controlled cleaning of my ear while removing all of the waxy material that used to create blockages. It really works!  I will never use any other brand. Thanks Utility Tip for making my life easier!

Dillon, Spanish Fork, Utah

I wear hearing aids and cotton swabs were not completely getting out my ear wax. After a few days the wax starts to build up on my hearing aids and I have to spend up to an hour cleaning them. My son in law turned me on to the U-Tip and I have to say, they work great! I’ve been using them for 3 months now and I’ve only had to clean my hearing aids once! I would recommend the U-Tip for anyone using hearing aids.

DaveTuscon, AZ


JanisMinersville, UT

This thing really works!

PhilIdaho Falls, ID

I handed them out to a couple of employees. They were a little skeptical at first, afraid that it might hurt, but they loved it! It felt really good and was very effective.

TrevorIdaho Falls, ID

I recently purchased the u-tip online. The process was smooth and professional. I used the u-tip, and it delivered as advertised. I highly recommend this product!

TyroneOrlando, FL

I recently tried the u-tip and found it to clean ears better than other brands. I use hearing aids and this will help reduce the ear wax build-up which happens when wearing aids.

EdTwin Falls, ID

I use mine all of the time! It satisfies the itch and I am always amazed at how well it works.

JakeIdaho Falls, ID

My husband has small ear canals and therefore has a problem with wax buildup. In the past he has been in a lot of pain and has had to go to the doctor to have his ears cleared out. He used the utility tips and I couldn’t believe how much wax he got out of one ear, he doesn’t get anything out with cotton-swabs! It was amazing!

ChristinaClinton, UT

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