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UtilityTip is a premier Earwax Removal Tool. With our safe, doctor-approved ear wax remover, you can easily and quickly remove excess earwax and keep your ears healthy and clean. 


I bought these on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. They’re totally fantastic. My ears actually get cleaned instead of just wiping stuff around. And you can reuse them. Bonus!  - Brad

UtilityTips - Before

UtilityTips - After (sorry)

Dr. Morgan Yost Gives 3 Steps for removing earwax:

• Grasp UtilityTip by the 3 finger grips

• Delicately spin and rotate 

• Rinse and repeat

You're The Hero Here...One UtilityTip can eliminate thousands of cotton swabs

UtilityTips are completely Reusable & Recyclable. Billions of cotton swabs are disposed of each year — using up precious resources and creating unnecessary waste for our already overcrowded landfills. The good news is that the UtilityTip is reusable and 100% recyclable.

Made In America

Ear Wax Removal Options

Experience clean!

  • Firm UtilityTip -  Best for gummy ear wax and for maximum itching power
  • Medium UtilityTip - Best for flakey ear wax and for a balanced itch relief
  • Soft UtilityTip - Best for sensitive ears like kids!

Ultimate Kit

15 UtilityTips + 2 Sprays + FREE Ear Plugs

Only $19



UtilityTips Only

Starting at $7



Uniquely Designed


Easily wash your U-Tip under warm water to reuse again. Each U-Tip will last up to six months. 

Doctor Recommended

The U-Tip is the only complete ear-cleaning solution in the world that is recommended by an ear, nose and throat surgeon.

Strong U-Tip Material

Go ahead...try and break one, we dare you! Unlike cotton swabs, U-Tips are designed to remove the large varieties of ear wax densities. Whether you produce a lot or a little or gummy or flaky, we have a U-Tip just for you!

20 Ridges & Pockets

20 separate ridges ensure you are extracting the maximum amount of debris with every use.

Build-In Safety Features

Three separate finger placement options allow you to grasp the U-Tip firmly and gauge depth, preventing potential ear drum injury.

100% Recyclable

Saving the planet, one U-Tip at a time. Reuse is recycling too!

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