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Uniquely Designed

The UtilityTip removes 90% more ear wax than a conventional cotton swab.


Doctor Recommended

By Morgan G. Yost DO, a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear,nose & throat surgeon).


Safest Way To Clean

The UtilityTip is the safest and most effective way to keep your ears clean.


Money Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love your UtilityTips you can send them back for a full refund.


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Your U-Tip Questions, Answered

Is the Utility Tip safe?

Yes! The U-Tip has 3 finger grips on the handle. These finger grips can be used as a depth gauge to offer you more confidence. Use as directed on the packaging.

How long do I use my U-Tip before I move on the the next U-Tip?

This can vary between each person, but for the cleanest experience, we recommend that you use each U-tip daily up to 7-10 days and then move onto the next U-Tip.

How to use the UtilityTip?

Apply to the ear and use the finger grips to gently twist and pull out ear wax. The UtilityTip is going to feel firm at first. Please use very delicate pressure only. Being rigid is what helps the UtilityTip work. It pulls wax out instead of packing it in the canal like cotton swabs.

Are Utility Tips like cotton swabs?

The UtilityTip looks similar to a cotton swab but is made out of plastic, so it will feel very different. The UtilityTip is designed for maximum ear wax removal.

Can I use the Utility Tip on my kids and pets?

Yes. Since the UtilityTip is more firm than a cotton swab we recommend that you use the UtilityTip on yourself first so you know the delicate pressure required. Keep out of reach of children. Follow the directions on the packaging.

How much pressure should I apply?

This will depend on the person, start with a very delicate pressure and increase as desired.

Can I make the UtilityTip more flexible?

Yes, place under warm water for 30 seconds to relax the material.

Will the UtilityTip hurt?

The UtilityTip is different than what you are used to so there may be a learning curve to knowing what works for you, use multiple times to get the hang of it.

You didn't answer my question, where can I contact you?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Contact Us".

How long will a UtilityTip last?

UtilityTip hasn't conducted any studies to advertise how long they will last. Since we don't want to mislead you we can't give an exact duration. Here are a few things to consider. UtilityTips are made from a high quality recyclable plastic. Repeated use is only recommended if the UtilityTip is properly cleaned. Bacteria can accumulate if not properly cleaned.

Are UtilityTips recyclable?

Yes! You've heard the phrase "reuse is recycling". UtilityTip recycling is two fold. 1. Reusable - 2. Recyclable. All of our packaging is recyclable. The UtilityTips are recycle code #4. Thank you for helping the environment by being responsible and recycling.

Can I get a discount?

Sure. Use promo code "FAQ" for 10% off. :)