Get relief daily with this reusable DOCTOR RECOMMENDED ear wax remover

With the UtilityTip Earwax Remover, you can finally remove earwax safely and get instant ear itch relief like you've never experienced before from the convenience of your home. 

See The Amazing Earwax Remover In Action

No More Itchy Ears

No More Nasty Headphones

No More Clogged Hearing Aids

No More Cotton Swab Pollution

No More Impacted Ear Wax

No More Gunked Up Ear Plugs

Reduce ear ringing, head aches, & pain

U-Tips Are Safe, Effective, And Leave You ITCH FREE!

Introducing the most effective ear wax removal system on the planet. U-Tips are designed with strength to work wonders. Our ear cleaning system will gently separate, trap, and remove ear wax leaving your ears crisp, clean and refreshed. See what this effective, strong, and reusable ear cleaner can do for you!

Doctor Recommended By Board Certified Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon

Morgan G. Yost DO

Endorsed by Morgan G. Yost DO, a board certified otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor), as well as artists rock band Shaman’s Harvest and country star Dylan Jakobsen. U-Tips kit is safe enough to use on kids and pets! This new way of cleaning is different so we even share Dr. Yost's top tips for using this new type of ear cleaning kit.

Handmade In USA

By The Development Workshop

Support American manufacturing with each purchase. U-Tips’ ear cleaning products are hand molded and packaged in at Development Workshop in Idaho, whose mission is to assist individuals living with a disability or disadvantages.

3 U-Tips - All Wax Types, Climates & Seasons

PLUS U-Tips Are Reusable And Recyclable!

Firm U-Tip: For Gummy Ear Wax

Medium U-Tip: For Flaky Ear Wax 

Soft U-Tip: For Sensitive Ears

Billions of cotton buds sold each year have become the largest marine pollutant today. U-Tips are 100% recyclable and may be reused for up to six months. Just rinse, dry, and repeat. 

Absolute Purchasing Confidence 

Never Buying Q Tips Again

I’ve had three swabs for a while now and I would never go back. I haven't bought regular cotton swabs in forever. I basically use one swab (u-tip) until I lose it somewhere. So easy to clean under hot water and reuse over and over again. And it’s grabs the wax in my ears instead of just pushing it in further. I recommend to everyone. Candace H.


After using the utip I can't even use cotton swabs anymore! Brad L.

Love these

I bought these on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. They’re totally fantastic. My ears actually get cleaned instead of just wiping stuff around. And—you can reuse them. Bonus! Jaclyn K.

Hear-Better Bundles 

UtilityTips offer a far superior ear cleaning and itch relief experience. 


Ultimate Bundle

Only $16

  • 15 UtilityTips - 5 Firm, 5 Medium, 5 Soft
  • 2 Bottle Of Our Ear Canal Earigation With Precision Spray Nozzle - includes FREE Cotton Balls
  • 3 Pairs Of Better Sleep Ear Plugs
  • Instructions Included
Buy Ultimate 

Simple Bundle

Only $13

  • 9 UtilityTips - 3 Firm, 3 Medium, 3 Soft 
  • 2 Bottle Of Our Ear Canal Earigation With Precision Spray Nozzle - includes FREE Cotton Balls
  • 2 Pairs Of Better Sleep Ear Plugs
  • Instructions Included
Buy Simple

Starter Kit

Only $10

  • 3 UtilityTips - 1 Firm, 1 Medium, 1 Soft
  • 1 Bottle Of Our Ear Canal Earigation With Precision Spray Nozzle - includes FREE Cotton Balls
  • 1 Pair Of Better Sleep Ear Plugs
  • Instructions Included
Buy Starter

 4-Step Ear Wax Removal System


3 Sprays into ear canal.


30 second soak, drain on napkin.


Grasp U-Tip depth gauge, delicately and safely rotate outward using a spinning motion.


Rinse and repeat

What Separates Us
From The Rest


Easily wash your U-Tip under warm water to reuse again. Each U-Tip will last up to six months. 

Doctor Recommended

The U-Tip is the only complete ear-cleaning solution in the world that is recommended by an ear, nose and throat surgeon.

Strong U-Tip Material

Go ahead...try and break one, we dare you! Unlike cottonswabs, U-Tips are designed to remove the large varieties of ear wax densities. Whether you produce a lot or a little or gummy or flaky, we have a U-Tip just for you!

20 Ridges & Pockets

20 separate ridges ensure you are extracting the maximum amount of debris with every use.

Built-In Safety Features

Three separate finger placement options allow you to grasp the U-Tip firmly and gauge depth, preventing potential ear drum injury.

100% Recyclable

Saving the planet, one U-Tip at a time. Reuse is recycling too!