Our Planet Deserves Better

Single Use Swabs Are Damaging

With over 1 billion swabs produced daily single use swabs, whether plastic - wood - or paper, are making a negative impact to the beaches we love, leaving marine life facing new challenges. This heartbreaking photo is a small example of how damaging single use cotton swabs really are. Next to toilet paper, nothing in your bathroom is more dispensable than single use cotton swabs.

The Solution!

2 cotton swabs used per day would create 730 discarded per year, by only one person. Due to massive unnecessary pollution and waste, single use cotton swabs are ban in some countries.

1 U-Tip can be reused up to six months. That's only 2 per year! Once recycled the waste is literally ZERO!

Who Makes U-Tips? Meet The Development Workshop

Mission Statement

We live by our mission, which is "to assist individuals who have a disability or who are disadvantaged to recognize and to achieve their chosen level of economic and social independence."

Individual Independence

Development Workshop is a private, non-profit corporation and is, first and foremost, a community rehabilitation program, providing services custom-tailored to the individual.  

Made In USA

Not only are U-Tips made in USA, they're made in Idaho. The Development Workshop, in Idaho Falls, makes and packages U-Tips. We have been working with the Development Workshop for over 4 years. All products go through a rigorous quality inspection by their skilled staff.

How UtilityTip Came To Be - Solving A Problem

Founder & Inventor Of The Patented U-Tip

It was 2001 when Jake, founder of UtilityTip Ear Cleaners was on a service mission for his church. Jake's missionary colleague was obsessed with cleaning his ears with cottonswabs because he produced excessive amounts of earwax. One morning, Jake's missionary colleague was completely deaf in one ear! Jake rushed him to the doctor and as the doctor was looking at his eardrum, using an otoscope, the doctor said: "you use cottonswabs don't you?". Jake's missionary colleague said, "yes, I like to have clean ears". The doctor said "stop! you're impacting the earwax against your eardrum preventing it from vibrating and conducting sound".

Jake was assigned by the doctor to clean his missionary colleagues' earwax out. As Jake was removing the earwax, and likely being traumatized by it, he said to himself "there's got to be a better way". Jake did like any entrepreneur would do and set out to create his own ear wax remover. His vision was simple. Design a reusable, multi-pocketed, and safe earwax remover. His belief that no one should suffer earwax related pains and discomforts became the cornerstone of UtilityTips brand and one that permeates every facet of his business today.

Which Is The Perfect U-Tip For You?

100% Satisfaction - Find The Perfect U-Tip Or Your Money Back!

Soft | For Sensitive Ears

Medium | Flakey Ear Wax

Firm | For Gummy Ear Wax

A Closer Look With Authentic DadReviews

"Are you looking to clean ear wax from home?"

90% more effective than the typical cotton swab by itself, the U-Tip is even more powerful when combined with the Ear-Cleaning solution. Safe, reusable, and recyclable — the U-Tip’s 4-step system saves money, reduces waste, and leaves your ears feeling cleaner than ever.

4-Step System


3-5 Sprays of the ear cleaning solution into ear canal.


Tilt head and let soak, bubble, and fizzle for 30 seconds - drain into napkin.


Grasp U-Tip by finger grip depth gauge - delicately and safely rotate outward using a spinning motion.


Apply dish soap to fingers and clean under warm water.

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