3-Step System


Squirt 3-4 Sprays of the Ear-Cleaning Solution into the outer portion of the ear.


Touch the U-Tip to the ear, apply sufficient pressure & pull out in a twisting motion.


To ready for reuse, apply dish soap to fingers and rinse the U-Tip thoroughly under warm, running water.

Take A Closer Look At The U-Tip

90% more effective than the typical cotton swab by itself, the U-Tip is even more powerful when combined with the Ear-Cleaning solution. Safe, reusable, and recyclable — the U-Tip’s 3-step system saves money, reduces waste, and leaves your ears feeling cleaner than ever.

U-Tip Packs

Did we mention you have two pack sizes to choose from? Our Try-It 6-Pack offers 3 Standard U-Tips and 3 Extra Soft U-Tips, while our 10-Pack allows you to select 10 Standard U-Tips or 10 Extra Soft U-Tips.