When you’re using a product as revolutionary as the UtilityTip, there are bound to be questions. Before you spend your free time contacting us, see if we were able to read your mind and answer your questions with the responses below.

Is the UtilityTip safe?
How long do I use my U-Tip before I move on the the next U-Tip?
How to use the UtilityTip?
Are UtilityTips like cotton swabs?
Can I use the UtilityTip on my kids and pets?
When to clean earwax?
Whats the best way to clean earwax at home?
How long will a UtilityTip last?
Are UtilityTips recyclable?
Can water clean ear wax?
How earwax works?
Why earwax won't come out naturally and what to do?
When earwax is pushed too much inside?
How do I keep my head phones clean?
Can I get a discount?
You didn't answer my question, where can I contact you?

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