Can U-Tip Ear Wax Removers Replace My Ear Doctor?

What's the best ear wax treatment?

Should I use an ear pick? 

Is there a safe way to clean ears from home?

If you've asked yourself these questions then you're not alone. We've had many customers reach out and ask many other questions and comments like; Is there a medical ear wax remover? I have an ear wax sucker and it totally sucks at removing ear wax, more like ear wax vacuum doesn't suck up anything! I need something to use for a  deep ear cleaning for the ear wax in my ear. I have a japanese ear pick and I'm too scared to use it, I don't know how deep I can go in my ear safely? I can't find an ear wax extraction near me, what ear irrigation can I use at home? Is there something out there that can dissolve ear wax? What's the fasted way to remove ear wax? Is there an Impacted ear wax removal tool that actually works as an ear wax softener? Is 

We hear you loud and clear! The questions and comments we've received have been so broad it's hard to keep track. 

Many of these questions can be answered with the UtilityTip Ear Cleaner and Kits and in the method we suggest for removing ear wax, especially if you're first timer.

If you're a first timer then we absolutely recommend starting with our U-Tip ear cleaning kit. Start by softening the ear wax by using our ear cleaning solution spray. Nobody knows your ear wax better than you. Ear wax has many consistencies and textures, from dry ear wax, to hard ear wax, to soft ear wax, to gummy ear wax, to loose wet ear wax, to minor ear wax, to large clumpy ear wax, to ear dust, and more. UtilityTip offers the best all around ear wax removal kit for all ear wax (cerumen) types.

UtilityTip ear wax solution spray will separate the ear wax from the ear skin and ear drum and will work deep in the ear canal by softening it and then propelling the ear wax, dirt, and debris toward what we call the U-Tip safety zone. 

What's the U-Tip safety zone? Located on each U-Tip Ear Cleaner you'll find 3 finger grips. Delicately grasp the 3 finger grips of the tip you're going to use and delicately spin and rotate around the outer portion of the ear. Grasping the 3 finger grips will put you in the U-Tip safety zone. This is a patented safety design that you'll only find in the U-Tip which some call the Plastic Reusable Cotton Swab, Reusable Q-Tip, Plastic Q-Tip, or Plastic Ear Cleaner. 

Once you've used U-Tip Ear Cleaning Solution Spray by removing impacted ear wax with an ear irrigation at home, then we suggest using the U-Tip ear wax cleaners on a daily basis. You don't want to irrigate your ears daily since we produce ear wax for a reason and it has many health benefits. Maintaining healthy ears is more essential to our overall health than many realize. Having too much is bad and having too little is bad. We recommend no more than once a week to irrigate your ears using the U-Tip ear cleaning solutions spray, unless you use hearing aids or in-ear monitors. Using a U-Tip on a daily basis will allow you to have ear wax in inner ear and keep your ear kissably clean and will drastically reduce the ear wax from clogging you earbud headphones. 

We hope this information will be useful to you for your overall ear wax treatment for optimal ear health. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions at [email protected].

~ U-Tip Family

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