Ear Wax Questions and Answers

Have you ever found yourself itching your ear with your pinky while sitting at work or maybe in the car? While you may do this without thinking about it you find yourself thinking, "oh great! now I have to wash my hands....gross!". 

Well, you're in luck! We're here to help. We have been asked many questions through out the years and now we want to share with you the most potent tips for maximum ear health care.

Why do I produce so much ear wax? Excessive ear wax can be caused by many things such as environment, humidity, dry climates, excessive cotton swab usage, but the most common reason is due to your genes.

How do I reduce excessive ear wax? It's simple! Clean them using the proper ear wax removal tools and solutions.

How do I know when to clean my ear? Most people have a daily routine, but, you definitely need to clean your ears when your ear feels itchy. The ear wax has built up and in working it's way toward the outer ear.

Why should I clean my ears, aren't ears self cleaning? Yes, our ears are self cleaning, in a perfect world. There are a few variables. 1) Our genes decide this for us. If you produce too much ear wax it will clog up your ear canal before it can fall out naturally by chewing, bathing, walking, talking, etc. 2) Our  environment can cause our ears to dry out or get too moist. 3) Our hearing devices cause a small humid climate in our ear canal and/or push the wax back into our ear canal and against our ear drum such as, hearing aids, head phones, ear buds, ear plugs, in-ear monitors, etc. 

Why is my ear wax is sticky? Ear wax is sticky to catch and trap foreign objects in order protect our ear drum. Once the wax catches foreign objects it very slowly pushes it out of the ear.

Why remove ear wax, don't I need it? Yes, you need ear wax. We never stop producing ear wax. In a perfect world you would never need to clean your ears. The most common reason for ear wax removal is good hygiene. Nobody wants to see your ear wax sitting on your shoulder. There are other reasons such as the more severe cases of excessive ear wax, psoriasis, dry itchy ears, humid wet ear wax, allergies, prevent ear ringing, reduce headaches, reduce ear pain, reduce dizziness and vertigo, improve balance for high performing athletes, and many other reasons. 

Why do I need the Ear Canal Irrigation Solution Spray if U-Tips are so awesome? We think U-Tips are pretty awesome too! U-Tips are what you would use on a daily basis to remove our ear wax. The Irrigation Solution Spray is recommended to use on a less frequent basis since you need ear wax in your inner ear. The Irrigation Solution Spray will remove, dissolve and project ear wax towards the outer ear where you can safely remove it with you U-Tip. You can have full confidence that you ear is completely clean and new clean ear wax can be produced. We recommend you use the Ear Canal Irrigation Spray once a week maximum and once a month minimum. 

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