Ear Wax Removal For Those We Love - Removing Ear With Wax

Cleaning our own ears is a challenge in and of itself let alone those we love. In this blog we want to let you know that it is possible and safe to clean your loved ones ears. Whether a family member, a pet, or a friend we want to be able to effectively and safely clean the ears to those we love.

Here's some examples of questions we have been asked by many of our customers just like you!

How do I clean my sons ear wax buildup? 

Is it safe to clean my dogs ear wax buildup with the U-Tip Ear Cleaning System?

How long should I let the Ear Cleaning Solution sit to allow enough time to clean the ear wax buildup?

My daughter has a very hard ear wax, can I clean them with the U-Tip Ear Wax Removal System?

Should I try removing ear wax from a candle (candles for ear wax?)?

These are just some of the questions we get. This post should answer many of these questions. If we aren't answering your question please let us know by sending an email to us at [email protected] and we will have Dr. Yost review your question. If you or your loved one has a history of ear health issues it's always best to see your family ear doctor to see if U-Tips will work best for your situation.

What steps should I take to clean a loved one's ear?

1 - Use U-Tip Ear Cleaning Kit On Yourself 

We have all been cleaning our ears incorrectly because a proper ear cleaning tool hasn't been invented until now. Even though we all love the softness of cottonswabs, they simply don't work.U-Tips are a plastic ear cleaner with 20 pockets and ridges to effectively remove and trap ear wax. We do offer different U-Tip firmness and flexabilities but regardless of which one you select U-Tips will feel drastically different than a cottonswab. It is essential that you first try a U-Tip on yourself to understand the delicate pressure required for your personal ear wax consistency and your ears sensitivity. 

The key to making the U-Tip feel amazing is to use a light delicate pressure. One customer said "I just imagine my ear is a butterfly wing and that's when I find the right pressure, it feels amazing!"

Now that you know the proper pressure and techniques you can use the U-Tip Ear Kit Removal System to remove the ear wax for your loved ones. 

2 - Use our 4 step system. (clickable image)

When cleaning someone else's ear only clean the visible ear wax, DO NOT insert into the ear canal. When the Spray Solution is sprayed into the ear then the wax will be propelled toward the outer portion of the ear which will be visible. Once you see the wax on the outer portion of the ear then grab a U-Tip and twist and rotate to capture ear wax. 

3 - Rinse and Repeat as desired. 

Each U-Tip can be rinsed and reused for up to six months. This helps your ears, wallet, and the environment.

We've all seen those ear wax candle videos with the shock of amazement on what was removed from the victim "patients" ear.  Rational Wiki has done some extensive research and offers a realistic point of view.

"The performance involves laying the victim "patient" on their side, and burning a special hollow candle over their ear canal. The heat is supposed to draw the impurities from the ear out of the canal and onto [Note 1] the base of the candle. Tympanometric measurements in an ear canal model demonstrate that ear candles do not produce negative pressure [1]. When visible residue is seen at the base of the candle after the process the practitioner and wooee assume that wax was removed from the ear canal by some sort of quantum warm air currents.[Note 2].[Note 3] This residue is, of course, simply burnt wax from the candle that has run down the inside.

While one might think "it's harmless and cheap, so who cares?", the procedure comes with potential downsides — the most obvious is that hot wax from the candle might drip into the ear, burning the victim patient. There are also all the usual hazards associated with playing with fire indoors."


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